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pic 3On Monday 21 July the Prime Minister made a statement in the House of Commons on the tragic downing of Flight MH17 in Ukraine.

He joined me in sending condolences to the family of 20 year old Richard Mayne, who was from Leicester West and who lost his life in the disaster.

I believe that Europe must send a far stronger message to Russia about what has happened and President Putin’s responsibility for putting it right. I pressed David Cameron on how other EU leaders have responded to his proposals for additional sanctions on Russia and how likely they are to agree to them.

You can read the exchange in the Official Report here.

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daily pol 2

On Wednesday 16 July I appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme alongside former Conservative minister Ken Clarke. We discussed the Government’s reshuffle, Britain’s position in Europe and fracking, as well as Prime Minister’s Questions. You can watch the programme again here.

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I recently met four teachers at Fullhurst School, who are part of the Teach First scheme. Teach First trains and supports young people to become inspirational classroom leaders in low-income communities.

It was brilliant to hear Molly, Alex, Dave and Tom talk about why they had joined Teach First and their passionate commitment to transforming children’s lives. Like me, they believe that how much you achieve in life should not be determined by your background or how much your parents earn.

Teach First has proven really successful at Fullhurst and I am determined to do everything I can to support more Teach First teachers in primary and secondary schools across Leicester West.

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Local employers tell me they need employees with the right skills to grow their businesses, and our future economic success depends on making sure this happens.

That’s why I’m backing Labour’s plans for new, gold standard Technical Degrees. These will give young people the opportunity to progress to high-level training and further qualifications and get excellent vocational skills.

Making such courses available will help give the forgotten 50% of young people in Leicester West who don’t follow the traditional academic route to university the chance to succeed, and help build the high-skill, high-wage economy we need in future.

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health qs

After the appalling scandal at Winterbourne View, the Government promised to stop people with learning disabilities being sent to Assessment and Treatment Units for long periods of time. At Health Questions in the House of Commons I challenged Ministers to explain why they have spectacularly failed.

2,600 people are still in ATUS, including 150 children; more people are going into them than are coming out, and over half these patients are still on anti-psychotic drugs or being subject to physical restraint.

I called on Ministers to set a clear, non-negotiable 2 year deadline to end this practice once and for all. You can read the exchanges in the Official Report here.